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League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

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Action News is newspaper published by the Pro-Life Action League, recording all of the League's activities and offering commentary on important pro-life issues. Action News has published 1-4 times a year since the League's founding in 1980.

PDFs are available of all the issues of Action News published since August 2002.

For print editions of earlier issues of Action News or to become a subscriber, please contact the League.

April 2015 Action News Cover April 2015
Lead story: "Eric Scheidler Falsely Arrested at Planned Parenthood Protest". During a protest of Planned Parenthood's "Generations Gala" on Chicago's Navy Pier, League executive director Eric Scheidler was falsely arrested for criminal trespass for simply walking on the pier where he had received explicit permission to be from the security team. Also, 10,000 Words, a snapshot of the League's other recent pro-life action in photos. [PDF].

February 2015 Action News Cover February 2015
Lead story: "League's 'Handcuffs Project' Highlights Criminal Abortionists". On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Pro-Life Action League mailed a package to every abortion clinic in the country containing a picture of recently arrested abortionist Naresh Patel and a pair of plastic handcuffs. Find out what happened inside! Also, 10,000 Words, a snapshot of the League's other recent pro-life action in photos. [PDF].

Fall 2014 Action News Cover Fall 2014
New glossy, four page format! Lead story: "National Day of Remembrance Brings Great Hope and Healing", an in-depth look at the second annual "National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. Also, 10,000 Words, a snapshot of the League's other recent pro-life action in photos. [PDF].

Spring 2014 Action News Cover Spring 2014
Lead story: "League Wins in Federal Court: Costs Ruling Ends NOW v. Scheidler after 28 Long Years" Other stories include: "League Highlights Religious Freedom at 2014 March for Life," "National Way of the Cross Sets Good Friday Record," "Huge Crowd for March for Life Chicago 'Reboot'," and more [PDF].

Fall 2013 Action News Cover Fall 2013
Lead story: "Thousands Attend National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children." Other stories include: "League Protests Push Wichita Abortuary to the Brink," "Hope versus Hate: The Surprising Truth of a Face the Truth Tour," "Joe Inspires the Faithful to Call on Our Blessed Mother," and more [PDF].

Spring 2013 Action News Cover Spring 2013
Lead story: "League Protests New Kansas Abortionist at Office in Illinois." Other stories include: "League Helps Scuttle New Fairfax Abortion Mega-Center," "League Fights Planned Parenthood in All Weathers and on Every Front," "Aurora Pro-Life Battle Heats Up on Good Friday," "Enormous Crowd for March for Life," and more [PDF].

Fall-Winter 2012 Action News Cover Fall-Winter 2012
Lead story: "Abortion Industry Converts Tell All: Former Providers Share the Inside Story at League Conference." Other stories include: "Pro-Life Activist Attacked on Tour in Rockford, Illinois," "League Holds Simultaneous Protests at Two Notorious Abortion Facilities," "Remembering Nellie Gray," and more [PDF].

Spring 2012 Action News Cover Spring 2012
Lead story: "Stand Up for Religious Freedom! League Leads Nationwide Rallies Opposing Obama's HHS Mandate." Other stories include: "Two Abortion Clinics Close as Illinois Steps Up Inspections," "Joe a Featured Guest at Notre Dame's Center for Ethics and Culture," "League Fights for Free Speech at Chicago City Council," and more [PDF].

Winter 2011 Action News Cover Winter 2011
Lead story: "League Exposes 'Catholic' Governor Quinn's Hyocrisy at Pro-Abort Gala." Other stories include: "On 3-State Speaking Tour, Eric Calls for Pro-Life Diplomats," "Eric Shares Activism Expertise at Pro-Life Youth Conference in Los Angeles," "Berlin March for Life Appeals to the German Heart," and more [PDF].

Fall 2011 Action News Cover Fall 2011
Lead story: "Face the Truth 2011: Pitch Perfect: League's 12th Annual Tour Sets a Whole New Standard." Other stories include: "League Scuttles Local Attack on Free Speech," "Guttmacher Report Shows Planned Parenthood a Funding Sinkhole: Increading Organization's Taxpayer Subsidy Has Zero Effect on Unintended Pregnancy," and more [PDF].

Spring-Summer 2011 Action News Cover Spring-Summer 2011
Lead story: "League Activism Goes to Europe: Eric Joins Youth for Life Belgium for Historic 'Week for Life'." Other stories include: "League Crashes Planned Parenthood and NARAL Galas," "League Infiltrates Medical Students for Choice Conference," "Scheidler Home Vandalized in the Dead of Night," and more [PDF].

Fall 2010 Action News Cover Fall 2010
Lead story: "League Partners with Catholic Hospital: New Protocols Help Mothers Halt 2-Day Abortion Procedure and Choose Life" Other stories include: "Face the Truth Tour Scores Victories," "40 Days for Life Just the Beginning," "Joe's Hat Makes a Hit in Baltimore," "Return to Lake Zurich," and more [PDF].

Spring 2010 Action News Cover Spring 2010
Lead story: "League Tells Planned Parenthood CEO: 'Abortion Is Nothing to Celebrate'" Other stories include: "'Home Abortion Kit' Mail Fraud Hoax Targets League," "New Life Witness Prayer Book Arms Pro-Life Warriors," "Activist Shares Enthusiasm for Pro-Life Work," "Great Talks at SpeakOut Illinois 2010," and more [PDF].

Autumn-Winter 2009 Action News Cover Autumn-Winter 2009
Lead story: "League Battles Chicago Bubble Zone: Baffling New Law Aimed at Muzzling Sidewalk Counselors" Other stories include: "League Hosts Two 40 Days for Life Campaigns," "Defending Life on the 'Big Island'," "Sidewalk Counseling Gains Momentum," "Pro-Life Handbook Saves Babies," and more [PDF].

Spring-Summer 2009 Action News Cover Spring-Summer 2009
Lead story: "League's Message at Notre Dame: 'OBAMA = ABORTION'" Other stories include: "Obama's Radical Pro-Abortion Record," "Joe Tells Pro-Lifers: 'Take Ownership of the Fight for Life'," "Advent and Lent: Specials Seasons for Defending Life," "Eric Scheidler Shares the Pro-Life Message," and more [PDF].

Fall 2008 Action News Cover Fall 2008
Lead story: "League Fights for Truth and Justice: Planned Parenthood Turns Law on Its Head, Demands $317,000" Other stories include: "Eric and Matt Teach Pro-Life 101," "How To Get Others Involved? Just Ask'," "Ninth Annual Face the Truth Tour Confronts Many Challenges," "The True Meaning of Pro-Life Dedication," and more [PDF].

Special Issue 2008 Action News Cover Special Issue 2008
Lead story: "SPECIAL IS SUE ON OUR FIGHT AGAINST PLANNED PARENTHOOD—The League at Ground Zero: Historic Pro-Life Battle Rages at the "Abortion Fortress" of Aurora, Illinois" Other stories include: "Pro-Life Action League Year in Review: May 2007 to May 2008," "Generations for Life Year in Review'," and more [PDF].

Spring 2007 Action News Cover Spring 2007
Lead story: "League First To Picket Obama: Candidacy Announced amid Chants of 'Life Yes! Abortion No!'" Other stories include: "League Issues 'Marching Orders' at March for Life," "A Pro-Life Voice in the Media," "Great Choir for 4th Annual 'Empty Mannger' Caroling Day," "A New Direction for the Supreme Court?," and more [PDF].

Fall 2006 Action News Cover Fall 2006
Lead story: "Contraception Is Not the Answer—Experts at League Conference Expose the Root Cause of Abortion" Other stories include: "Pro-Life Action Fights Back,1998-2005," "League Returns to Mundelein," "Justice Delayed in NOW Hearings," "Scheidlers Speak in Nebraska," "Byzantine Shrine Dedicated," and more [PDF].

Spring 2006 Action News Cover Spring 2006
Lead story: "The Deception of Contraception—League Takes the Lead Exposing the Abortion-Birth Control Link" Other stories include: "'Law and Order' Seminar Schools Activists on Their Rights," "Providence Abounds on Scheidlers Trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin," "Full of Holes: An Investigative Report," and more [PDF].

Winter 2006 Action News Cover Winter 2006
Lead story: "Scheidler Wins Again in High Court—NOW v. Scheidler Odyssey Ends In Unaninimous Supreme Court Ruling" Other stories include: "Pro-Life Action Under Seige, 1996-1998," "League Launches Roe v. Wade Education Campaign for 2006," "Over 100,000 Devoted Pro-Lifers March for Life in Washington, D.C.," and more [PDF].

Fall 2005 Action News Cover Fall 2005
Lead story: "League Protests American Girl—Beloved Doll Company Supports Pro-Abortion Group Girls Inc." Other stories include: "St. Louis Faces the Truth," "League Welcomes Three Newest Activists," "Special Missions for League's Fall Truth Days," "League Joins Eucharistic Procession in Grant Park," and more [PDF].

Spring-Summer 2005 Action News Cover Spring-Summer 2005
Lead story: "Pro-Life Action on the March—The Expanding Mission of the Pro-Life Action League, 1988-1995" Other stories include: "Pro-Life Pioneer Jack Willke Celebrates 80 Years!," "League Joins Effort To Save Terri Schiavo, Mourns Her Death," "Scheidlers Cheer Black Americans for Life Honorees," and more [PDF].

Winter 2005 Action News Cover Winter 2005
Lead story: "Pro-Life Action Comes of Age—The Founding of the Pro-Life Action League, 1980-1987" Other stories include: "Two Babies Saved on 2nd Annual Empty Manger' Caroling Day," "Scheidlers Celebrate WomanCare Center," "Scheidlers Pray with Milwaukee Activists," "Farewell to Fr. Tom Commons," and more [PDF].

Fall 2004 Action News Cover Fall 2004
Lead story: "One Choice, One Life—What Does It Really Take to Save a Baby?" Other stories include: "Lourdes Pilgrimage Rejuvenates Scheidlers," "Eric Scheidler Speaks on Marriage, Face the Truth," "Des Moines Tackles Sidewalk Counseling Hurdles," "Pro-Lifers Protest as Loyola Honors Pro-Abort Madigan," and more [PDF].

Summer 2004 Action News Cover Summer 2004
Lead story: "Face the Truth Puts Faith into Action—Many New Faces Bless 2004 'Summer Blitz' Tour" Other stories include: "Scheidlers Join Truth Tour in Washington, D.C.," "Veteran Counselor Founds WomanCare Services," "Joe Helps Honor Penny Pullen," "Generations for Life News," and more [PDF].

Spring 2004 Action News Cover Spring 2004
Lead story: "League Clashes with Pro-Aborts on Campus Face the Truth Tour—Pro-Aborts Turn Violent, League Shifts Strategy" Other stories include: "We Must Echo Mary's Fiat, Scheidler Tells Griffith Group," "Group Protests at Abortionist Goyal's Home," "Arizonans Launch Their First Face the Truth Tour," "Farewell to the Gipper," and more [PDF].

Winter 2004 Action News Cover Winter 2004
Lead story: "Our Lady Towers Over Albany Abortion Mill—Hundreds Pray Beneath 38-Foot Statue" Other stories include: "Scheidler Bolsters MI Activists," "League Holds Old Time Picket at Albany Abortion Mill," "League Shares the Pro-Life Message at Festival of Faith," "Scheidlers Honored at SpeakOut Illinois," and more [PDF].

Fall 2003 Action News Cover Fall 2003
Lead story: "2003 Face the Truth Tour a Success—League Reaches Hundreds of Thousands around Chicagoland" Other stories include: "Raleigh Hosts Scheidler Team," "Father and Son Rally the Troops on Maryland Truth Tour," "NLC Convention Combines Learning and Fun," "Media Interviews Scheidler on Hill Execution," and more [PDF].