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League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

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Winter 2011

Volume XXX No. 3

League Exposes "Catholic" Governor Quinn's Hyocrisy at Pro-Abort Gala

Protest of Governor Quinn and Personal PAC

When it came to light that Catholic Illinois Governor Pat Quinn would be presenting an award at a luncheon for Personal PAC, the largest pro-abortion lobbying organization in the state, the Pro-Life Action League leapt into action to protest. Get the full story on one of the League's most colorful exciting protests ever.

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On 3-State Speaking Tour, Eric Calls for Pro-Life Diplomats

Eric on 3-State Speaking Tour

In October, League Executive Director Eric Scheidler joined the Defend Life Speaking Tour in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania where he called for pro-lifers to remember they are diplomats for the cause of life, not soldiers in a war. Read about the peaceful tone Eric called for and details of the Tour.

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Eric Shares Activism Expertise at Pro-Life Youth Conference in Los Angeles

Eric Scheidler at the IPLYC

In November, Eric shared his years of experience in pro-life activism with a gathering of pro-life youth from around the globe at the first annual International Pro-Life Youth Conference co-sponsored by the Pro-Life Action League. This dynamic conference equipped the next generation of activists to take action fighting abortion.

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Berlin March for Life Appeals to the German Heart

March for Life Berlin

Eric Scheidler was honored to take part in the March for Life in Brelin Germany last September. Thousands marched through the streets of Berlin and Eric shared his love for the German people and their heart for children at the huge concluding rally.

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Berlin Meetings Foster International Pro-Life Movement

Eric Scheidler speaks in Germany

While in Germany Eric shared his experience leading pro-life activists in the US with the fledgling pro-life movement there and help connect them with other pro-life groups in Europe.

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Fruitful Ties Forged with Austrian Youth for Life

Austrian Youth for Life

During his visit to Germany, Eric Scheidler was able to travel to Austria where he encouraged Austrian Youth for Life along with Stand True's Bryan Kemper.

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Eric Prays Alone at the Oldest Abortuary in Munich

Eric prays outside Munich abortuary

Munich, Germany has muzzled pro-life speech so hard that only one person at a time is allowed to pray silently outside an abortion clinic. Eric and Stand True's Bryan Kemper took turns in an act of solidarity with Munich's pro-life community.

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Cincinnati Welcomes First-Ever Face the Truth Tour

Face the Truth Tour in Cincinnati

In October, the League brought its dynamic public education initiative, Face the Truth, to Cincinnati for the first time ever. Thanks to Cincinnati's dedicated pro-life community thousands saw the unvarnished truth about the violence of abortion.

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NARAL and Kathleen Sebelius Behold the Power of Truth

NARAL Protest

When President Obama's Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius came to speak at a fundraiser for NARAL Pro-Choice America, the League was there to protest. Sebelius and all the banquet's attendees saw the truth about abortion as they entered the lunch.

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Pro-Life Brothers Pool Halloween Candy to Raise Funds for League

Carney Brothers

Four pro-life brothers aged 9 to 3 used their stash of Halloween candy in an incredibly creative and generous fundraiser for the Pro-Life Action League

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Generations for Life News

GFL Leaf Logo

Generations for Life joins the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry and helps pro-life clubs dissemintae the pro-life message.

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Volume XXX No. 3
Winter 2011