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Contraception Is Not the Answer

National Conference, 09.22-23.2006

Pandora's Box

In the mid-twentieth century, the industrialized world embraced contraception as the way to eradicate poverty, lower the birth rate and guarantee freedom for women.

But contraception ushered in widespread promiscuity, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, single parent households and abortion. While abortion was hailed as a triumph for women's rights and the solution to "failed" contraception, it brought a host of its own problems, including post-abortion trauma, sterility, and an increased risk of breast cancer.

It's Time To Take a Closer Look

Even supporters of abortion now admit that it is not a good choice. They once again turn to birth control as the answer to the problem of unwanted pregnancy.

But a closer look at birth control reveals that it is not the answer. It is, rather, a large part of the problem. Consider, for example, that 54% of women who have abortions report that they were using birth control at the time they got pregnant.

The rhetoric surrounding contraception betrays an anti-child mentality. Contraception has succeeded in separating marital intimacy from procreation and turning sex into a recreational activity rather than an expression of love and commitment.

The Taproot of Abortion

"Contraception Is Not the Answer" presents a fascinating program of eight speakers on the various ways in which contraception has impacted society—its effect on women, on men, on marriage, on the culture—and will show that contraception is, indeed, the taproot of abortion.

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