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Abortion industry converts tell the inside story

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Abortion Industry Converts Speak Out

In 1987, the Pro-Life Action League hosted the first Meet the Abortion Providers Conference. We invited former abortionists to tell their stories publicly for the first time. They revealed what led them into the abortion business, how their work killing babies impacted their lives and what eventually led them out of abortion.

Since then we have hosted five more such conferences, allowing former abortion doctors, nurses, clinic owners and others directly involved in abortion to tell their stories. The most recent took place in 2012 called CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist. Two of the older conferences are available on two videos produced from these conferences, Meet the Abortion Providers and Abortion: The Inside Story, both available on one DVD.

Watch videos and read transcripts of these testimonials below:

CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist

In 2012, the League hosted a conference featuring seven former abortion workers, ranging from secretaries to nurses to clinic managers to abortionists. Watch the videos from this conference below:

Tony Levatino, Former Abortionist

Linda Couri, Former Planned Parenthood Social Worker

Catherine Adair, Former Planned Parenthood Worker

Ruth Yorston, Former Clinic Secretary

Sue Thayer, Former Planned Parenthood Manager

John Bruchalski, Former Abortionist

Tony Caruso, Former IVF Expert

Abortion: The Inside Story

Meet the Abortion Providers

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